Fine Art Australia

Our Services

It is our aim to share our specialist knowledge and to enable clients to enjoy collecting and to attain significant gain on resale of their works. For collectors, and in particular for Superannuation Funds, our valuation, authentication and research services are integral components of our art investment consulting offering.


All sales include detailed Certificates of Authenticity and Valuation and guarantee of authenticity for each piece and full resale service.


Our valuation details the artist, the medium, the dimensions, the condition, notable features and any points of historical interest.

Certificates of Authenticity

This certificate is Fine Art Australia's guarantee of the authenticity of the work purchased and legitimacy of provenance.


We provide assistance with framing as required.

Superannuation Art

We provide full services required to invest effectively and compliantly in your tax-efficient self-managed superannuation fund. This includes investment advice, past appreciation, likely investment gain over short, medium and longer term, risk level, annual valuation updates and investment liquidation advice and options.

Presentations on Art Investment and Collection Strategies & Opportunities

Specialist presentations to groups or individuals on art and related investment advice. Celebrity presentations such as those by Pearl Goldman, a top Norman Lindsay model and experienced speaker.