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Norman Lindsay


He experimented with paintings in oil in the 1900's and continued in this medium at intervals throughout his life. Very few of his major oil paintings were ever offered for sale. Springwood possesses the bulk of his most important work in this medium, and the collection cannot be matched in any other gallery in Australia. In his Will Norman Lindsay left a bequest to The National Trust of Australia (N.S.W.) of sixteen watercolours, nine original pen drawings, ship models, sculptures and statuary; plus "all my paints, painting table and other materials dealing with my craft" and "all book cases and other pieces of furniture decorated by me, together with all books which may be therein at the date of my death".

It was a condition of the Will that the Trust should acquire Lindsay's house at Springwood in which to display the bequest. It was necessary to pen a public appeal which was launched in February, 1970 with the support of The Australian Newspaper. An amount of $80,000 was raised, $30,000 by general contributions and a final donation of $50,000 by Mr. S.H. Ervin, Lindsay's lifelong friend. Thanks to Lindsay's own foresight and the dedication of others, this valuable house, grounds and collection provides the public access to one of the most important artists in Australia's history.

NB: Some of the above information was obtained from the "Norman Lindsay Gallery & Museum" publication and "Norman Lindsay, Catalogue of the Centenary Exhibition" from the University of Melbourne Collection.